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poopsiekins's Journal

*drew*, 7-11, abercrombie and fitch, abercrombie models, aerosmith, anti trust, applebee's, arepostoal visors, basketball, baths, beaches, being clueless, being in love, book stores, bras, britney spears, bubbles, bunny cereal, bunny milk, butterflies, candles, cell phones, chachos, cheese, chicken, cinderella's castle, clouds, concerts, cramps, crayons, croc hunter, cruel intentions, dancing, daydreaming, disney world, dr. martens, dreams, driving, emotion, english, family, football games, free write, friends, future, gap, happiness, hawaii, home videos, hyperness, infactuations, inside jokes, j, john grishaum, kids, laughter, life, lightening, long conversations about nothing, love & basketball, lucky brand, mario kart, marshal's, mmc, movies, music, mustangs, my birthday, my car, night, nike, nsync, oceans of fun, orlando, pedro, peircings, pepsi, peral, phone, pillow pals (rip), pillows, pizza street, pretending, puppies, put put golf, quotes, rain, rainbow bright, randomness, rascal flatts, red cars, red roses, rest of my friends, road rage, rubber gloves, running, sandstone, sex ed classes, sheet, shopping, shorts, shower scrubies, silver, singing, sledding, sleeping, smiles, sonic, south park, stephen king, stereos, stickie notes, stress balls, stretching, stuffed animals, style, swim suits, tank tops, tanning, the floor, thinking, throwing people off, tom green, tracey time, trampoliens, traveling, tummies, turtles, vanilla rootbeer, water balloons, waterfalls, weena, whispering, winning, worlds of fun, writing