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Jus sum stuff....

� Cryin - Areosmith
� Superbowl XXXV Halftime show - Areosmith, *NSYNC, Britney, Nelly, Mary J.Blige
� Fallin - Alicia Keys
� Nobody Knows It But Me - Babyface
� Hit 'Em Up Style - Blu Cantrell
� I'm A Slave For You Clip - Britney Spears
� FAKE I'm A Slave For You - Good song.
� Fill Me In - Craig David
� Key To My Heart - Craig David
� Walking Away - Craig David
� Nawtie Babie Did A No-No - Daphne Aguilera (Andy Dick)
� When You Need My Love - Daryl Worley
� Shout 2000 - Disturbed
� Voices - Disturbed
� Lately - Divine
� This Is Me Remix - Dream f/ P. Diddy & Kain
� Free Your Mind - En Vogue
� Where The Party At - Jagged Edge f/ Nelly
� Real Life - Jeff Carson
� I'm Real Remix (Dirty) - Jenifer Lopez f/ Ja Rule
� Crush - Jenifer Paige
� What If God Was One of Us - Joan Osborne
� Islands In The Stream - Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton
� Cry - Mandy Moore
� That's A Plan - Mark McGuinn
� Country Grammar - Nelly
� Ride Wit Me - Nelly
� Batter Up - Nelly f/ St. Lunatics
� Falling - *N'sync
� That Girl (Will Never Be Mine) - *N'sync
� Most Beautiful Girl - Nu Flavor
� Midwest Swing - St. Lunatics
� I Got You Babe - Sonny and Cher
� I'm Super - Big Gay AL; South Park The Movie
� Dis Iz Da Life - St. Lunatics
� Boom D Boom - St. Lunatics
� Crush - Mandy Moore
� Can You Help Me - Usher
� You Remind Me - Usher

Dating Preference:

My current dating situation: Currently Single. Currently loving it. = )
My most ideal date: I <3 Amusment Parks..., but I'm not hard to please... I don't like movies though...or fancy dinners.
How planned I prefer a date to be: Little to no planning seems to be most fun.
What activities I enjoy on a date: Walking along the shore of the lake (awwe), AMUSMENT PARKS, swimming, lots n lots of talking, etc, etc.
Some of my views on dating etiquette: Uh, don't check out other girls. *shrug*
Some of my expectations on a first date.: Man I don't do the whole standard date thang.



My favorite kind of television shows: Friends, Even Stevens and Boy Meets World
My television viewing habits: I watch Disney everyday and Friends every nite at 10:30... but I usually do other things while I'm watchin them.
My all time favorite TV show: Friends.
My favorite kind of movies: Anything.
How often do I go to the movies?: At least once a weekend.
My all-time favorite movie: Rumplestiltskin, Love and Basketball, Legally Blonde, etc, etc.
My favorite kind of music: Pop, Rap, R&B, etc, etc.
I like music because: It's something everyone likes and you can always relate to someone somehow with it and pop up conversation about it... I could go into a whole speech about why Music rox but I'm tired n my wrists hurt so I'll spare ya.
My favorite singer/band: Third Eye Blind, Aerosmith, Nelly, Britney, Nsync, Disturbed, etc, etc.
My first album/CD was: My First CD was Bryan White (Between Now and Forever) and I think my first tape was like Patty Loveless lol
My favorite types of books: John Grishaum & Stephen King
My favorite author or book: John Grishaum / The Client


Personality Traits:
My personality is: Sarcastic.
The virtues that mean the most to me: Friendliness, Honesty, Tolerance, Kindness, Compassion
The animal that best describes my personality: Uh, Monkey. lol
Important qualities I look for in a mate: Sense of Humor and they sure as hell better worship my ass. lol
A celebrity with a similar sense of humor: Chris Kirkpatrick yo. He does some of the dumbest stuff that is funnie as hell muh gawd.


Hobbies & Interest:

Activities I like: Running, Basketball, Physical Activity, Driving, Talking, Shopping, Movies, Music, SLEEPING, etc, etc.
How I like to spend my free time indoors: Workin out, Writing, On this thing (Lots huh lol), Phone


Sports & Outdoors:

Sports and activities I'm interested/active in? : Basketball, Softball, Volleyball, Track. I like to watch Football (High School), Wrestling (High School) and Baseball (Nick's games) and uh, College Basketball.
A great sporting or outdoor adventure would be...: Uh? lol


Dreams & Goals:

My dream house: I just want it to be huge, white, blue roof, pool like Tommy Lee's, big ass gym, lots of trees, AND A DAMN DARK BLUE ROOM!
If I was a car, I would be...: Fuckin Mustang good gawd.
If I was given a million dollars, I would...: Go to whatever University and Law School my lil heart desired, buy a Mustang, Build us a new house with a damn Dark blue room, Buy all the CD's I've been wantin, Give some to my friends and family, Shopping Spree hello, Take my parents and a few friends to Australia, Build our school a Theater, etc, etc.
If I was granted 3 wishes...: 1.) ^ My Dream House, 2.) Be happie forever and ever and ever to come, 3.) More wishes. Greedie I kno.
What "power" would I like to have: Make everyone I care about happie without doing anything.
How I would spend my retirement: Florida. Duh.
How truthful have I been in this profile: Lots truthful.


Work & Living Environment:

How much time does my job take up: Jobless babie.
My annual income: *cough*
My dining habits: Weird.
I'm online: too much.
How big is my family?: I'm an only child.
How close is my family?: Very close.
A bit about my life growing up...: Loved my childhood. Everything got ickie when I became a teenager lol.
I live in a: niiice house.
How I get around: My car.
Do I have any pets?: Dog, Dotty.
How do I feel about my career, family and life in general?: I have no career -- Life and family rawk though.

Outlook on Life:

What factors are most important to me when looking for someone?: I don't LOOK for anyone. That's messed.
I bounce back from a bad day by...: Driving around, Sleeping, Talking to my friends.
My favorite season: Summer
My sign?: Cancer
What things in life are the most important to me?: My priorities.
5 years from now, I see myself...: 2006...I'll be a Sophmore @ some University.


Physical Stuff:

Hair color: Naturally Brown.
Hair style: Ish long. I need it cut.
Eye color: Brown
Eyewear?: My vision is good enuff to pass the sight test to get my liscense so screw ya glasses.
I think people view me and my appearance as...: Most people seem to think I've got the world in the palm of my hand...wouldn't disagree totally either.
My favorite item of clothing: Sweatshirts.
My sexual health status: Clean as can be.
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