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. . .sHOULD hAVE bEEN mORE WiSE. . .

Jonathan said he'd call me once the game got over to see what I wanted to do or figure something out, well the game got over early I guess... earlier then normal anyway...and I didn't think it would be him otherwise I would have made an attempt to answer nicer but I was like WHAT?! and he was like Uhm, I'm sorrie? And I was like Oh...OH! Hi. Anyway, he was like well I'm gunna go to David's for awhile... you wanna come? And I was like Nah, you can go though. And he was like aite. And I huffed, cuz I didn't care if he went but hello did he not care why I didn't wanna? And I explained that I had been fighting with my dad... and he was like Oh, I'm sorry. I know he's excited cuz they won 'n shit, but good gawd. I'm not mad at him... I guess I'm just in a bitchy mood. *sigh* Nick's on. I <3 him so much, he's the greatest friend gosh. He's ALWAYS making me laugh and so like me, it's great. I wish Grant would call me. I think he went to the game though. We don't get to talk near as much as I'd like to, but enuff. Blah Blah Blah. I took Ryan to Subway today, he's so nice. I wish the guys would be nicer to him. He's fuckin funnie too. *shrug* Z has his liscense, he drove Ben down to Subway too... I was like OMFG I don't like being on the same road as you 'n he was like c'mon you know you love being ON things with me. I was like Ok yeah. Have I ever expressed how hott Ben is? I am now. Damn. Prettie amusing too. OMG in World History Philip kept lightly tracing his finger up my arm n blowing on the back of my neck and I was like OMFG STOP cuz it like omg, damn. He found it funnie. Then he was eating a candie bar and moaned and I was like what was that *insert moan here* for? and he was like OMFG YOU DIDN'T JUST DO THAT. And Ryan and Ben were like Holy Hell. I was like Uh Ok turning around now. lol I didn't even realize. Oh well.I haven't really had much homework yet in any classes... I think most of my teachers think I'm a flaming retard who can't do anything, but talk n get picked on by guys. OH! We had a Hi-Step meeting this morning, Jonathan, Casey, Derrik and myself are all in a group -- rawk on? Oh yes. Grant was liek isn't it weird being like tyte with Case after everything 'n I was like nah. It's not really. We're kewl. Her n Jonathan didn't have anything anyway, so she said. *shrug* I'm listening to "I'M A SLAVE 4 U"... er supposed to be anyway, lol. It kinda don't sound like Brit, so I dunno... I like the song though... *shrug* Mom went to get me McDonald's. Michelle still isn't here. I'm expecting Jonathan to stop by 'round 10... just cuz I think he's gunna feel bad inna few. If not it's kewl. We AREN'T dating so it's not like he needs to report back to me or anything.

K, it's been like 20 minutes later and I'm checking my Voice Mail and he sent me one saying "I just wanted to tell you, you mean the world to me and I'm sorrie for being a dick earlier... I'll be by later. Love you." Cute right? Yeah. *rolls eyes* Man I'm a bitch. Anyway, Michelle is here, I'm gone. Latah.
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