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. . .iTS bEEN a lONG TiME, i sHOULDNT oF lEFT yOU. . .

TODAY I. . .

� Parked 'crooked' in my parking spot which 5 people took note of and proceded to tell me.

� Wrote two 'letters' to two very important people that I probably will never let see them.

� Got picked on by Mr. B, again.

� Made HodgePodge turn bright red in anger, again.

� Ripped the wire out of my bra and asked the shy quiet girl that sits beside me in Biology if she needed it for anything, she looked mighty scared.

� Exclaimed 'CRAP NO' a total of 21 times while in the prescense of THE Derrik B. ; )+ PLUS TUNG lmao

� Told my English teacher, 'WOOPA DAISIES!' when I 'couldn't find' my assignment. (Teresa's lil cousin he's like two, instead of saying Woopsie Daisies he says Woopa Daisies 'n it amused the hell outta me.)

� Found amusment with Grant everytime we'd kick each other. So we're still kids at heart, sue us.

� Read aloud en....*gaspies* espanol.

� Fuckin got a 93% on my Spanish HO HEADS! *dances* I beat Nick I beat Nick.

� Got told *three* times how sexie I look in red. Mwhaha.

� Screamed at Casey to 'Shut her mouth and her legs!' in the middle of the Senior Hall. She about died laughing. Funnie as hell.

� Ran into the SAME door as the first time I did it with James B, AGAIN with James B.

� REmet Trisha S... since she moved back n all. *growl*

� Undressed Ike with my eyes... er at least he said he swore that's what I was doing. lol

� Played five games of three on three after school in the gym. *flips hair* As if you had to ask... Casey, Myself and Nick kicked ass. (Jonathan, Derrik n Coach P if you were wondering. We rox.)

� Went to Nick's house for like an hour and a half and chilled.
+ got barked at for like 10 minutes by his stupid dogs.
+ stood in the doorway of his house for like 10 minutes before he came to realize, oh, i should let them (Shell n I) in.
+ got a basketball he gave mel, signed n all. lol
+ took myself on a tour of his house
+ got tackled. always fun. im fragile you pissheads.
+ made myself at home in his living room while he fixed a little kids bike. (Ok yes I thought this was fucking cute and two halves that he gave the lil tyke the time of day)

� Went to Brandon's house for a few. (Yea We were jus pimpin it ok. lol)
+ got the grand tour of the n-----s home.
+ found that Justin (his older brother whom I find to be ultra sexie) has rainbow carpet.
+ met his dad.
+ got kisses from his dog.
+ bonded with his little sister.

� Came home and watched TV.

� Worked on English Project.

� Went to Sonic with Michelle. We both got Super Sized Meals and Ice Cream. We looked like pigs. You'd eat like that too if you hadn't done any eating in 27 some odd hours. (NO We're not anerexic we just been too bizzie to eat... seriously. N yea I realize I have time to be on here but we don't have anything good at my house. *sniffle*)

� Came home and presented my English Project to my mom, I went over the time limit by 6 minutes. I had to eleminate some things.

� Here I am.

= ) As much as I despise getting up in the morning... I <3 it once I get there. Not so much the academic role of it (obviously) but this year has rawked so far... but then again we're only like five days into it.

I really, really want to go see American Pie 2 this weekend. Grrrrr. It's been like four months since we've done shit with Grant n Cole.

I've found my weakness. Chocolate Pies. Yanno the lil ones in the pakages? Nick had some at his house n he made me take a bite of his cuz I was like nuuuh I no like cuz i dun usually like chocoalte -- but omg. Orgasmic I'm tellin you.

In Biology me and Jarek were partners cuz he said he had to be cuz he missed me. I'm like oh man, hott guy wants to be lab partner with me.. what DO i do? haha. So anyway, Ol Teddie Bear Teach twice asks us a question that's answer is 'microorganism', first time i answered and said orgasm in pure acident. i SERIOUSLY didnt mean to. So, then Jarek being the sly cat he is does the same thing. After class TBT told us he felt it would better our learning if we were no longer partners. I found this amusing. he just thinks we're gunna jump one another. pssht. jareks got a lil too much money for my liking... haha ok that sounds weird espessially coming from me. but the boy lacks personality but he makes up for it in money. yanno kinda how jimmy lacks sense of humor but makes up for it in ears? yea you got me.

Casey thought HE (Notice how I'm not talking about HER...just to clarrify) thought HE should probably chase me down the road in his car while I was driving and honking on his horn he obviously thought would be good too. Funnie stuff.

To let you know how emotionally sensative I am... I was watching the thing on MTV with Ananda about Aaliyah and then the tape from Usher 'guest hosting' Regis and Kelly... and I bawled. Litterally. Not jus cute lil streams of tears...sobs n shit. N i mean, I liked her music and I thought she was the bestestest dancer muh gawd.... but I wasn't like omg aaliyah she kewlies woo rah rah yanno? Think how it'd be if some other celeb I really liked *cough britney jc diana cough* died? i'm not saying her death isn't devistating just sayin yanno. and omg what happens whens omeone close to me dies? yeah brett was hard... and i still get kinda bugged by it sum... but now... geezuz... i just, blah i don't like death at all. i guess you're not supposed to though.

I leave July 1st 2002 and will be gone until July 17th of 2002. Does this upset any of you? It duz me =*(

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