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. . .cRUEL, cRUEL sUMMER. . .

K Hi. I just wanted to clerify that a lot of shit I say in here I don't mean... and these are my thoughts at the praticular time weather I be sleep deprived... caffine highed... bitchy... etc...etc... it doesn't mean I like live by it ok. And the conclusions that I come to aren't always good ok. I'm dumb aite?

I just got off the phone with Drew. =) Phone card died. =(

Basketball practice starts in 4 hours. I'm not excited cuz *Gasp* I've decided not to play for the school cuz it's not rite to the rest of the team who works there ass off while I sit around and wait for my dr. to fuckin release me. Who needs full ride scholarships anyway? *twitch*

AFS meeting at 7:15 aM. Fun.

British Isles Trip meeting during Channel One. Why do I feel like Amanda Dennis all of the sudden? Haha.

I'm not done with my homework. In fact, I haven't started. Fuck me. =( I left my FACS assignment at school. Gawd. Here we go... no college, ever.

I'm writing Jonathan an E-mail I'll probably end up printing and giving to him or maybe just talking to him before school tomorrow or something. Sounds like fun.

Since I know you're thinking I'm breaking the dating thing by that last comment -- Still stands and the day will end tomorrow with me still single. So anyone who had the 28th marked down... you lose. Haha.

I smell tuna and I swear to god it isn't me I showered. It's coming from my closet. Omg ew.

My wrists hurt. Corptal tunnel anyone?

Imma take Tyler home Friday. He bought me a keychain in Washington DC. What a cutie. If only he'd grow... geezuz... damn midgie.

Ok Gawd Ish time for Ni Nite.

Five recorded days of Singleism and counting...

*deep sigh*

Someone should ride the spirit bus with me to Knob Noster Friday cuz I promised Amanda n Morgan I'd ride it. Fun.

Everyone thinks my dad should buy me a Mustang, rite? Thought so.

Bye Bye.

"What's the easiest way to hurt a man? Give him all he's ever wanted."
^ Crap Yes.
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