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Just updating to let everyone know I'm still alive 'n kickin and to give you some quick updates on what's been goin on... I promise I'll get around to giving a full rundown of the first two days and other important things after that... but for now...

Carrying on the tradition... The 2nd Anual OGHS Top Ten List...
10. Matt B. - Sophmore
09. Tyler H, - Freshmen
08. Billy C.. - Senior
07. Kellen G. - Sophmore
06. Derrik B. - Senior
05. Joe A. - Senior
04. Ben O. - Sophmore
03. Mark W. - Junior
02. Grant T. - Sophmore
and lastly. . .
01. Jonathan H. - Senior

As you can tell I have little to no <3 for the Freshmen and Junior class. I spit at you. Puy.

Last years, just for laffs... The 1st Anual OGHS Top Ten List...
10. Billy C. - Junior
09. Ben. O - Sophmore
08. Lance A. - Senior
06. Sean F. - Senior
05. Tyler H. (Papa Bear) - Senior
04. James B. - Junior
03. Jonathan H. - Junior
02. Justin N. - Senior
and lastly. . .
01. Garrette T. - Senior

Yeah, we've got some time on our hands. K thanx.

FiRST dAY qUOTES (You kinda had to be there for most...)

[.After Homeroom.]
Me: Grant, can you give Alicia something?
Grant: Sure, what?
Me: *rips huge bag out of locker* Here ya go!
Grant: *laughing way too hard*

[.First Hour.]
Mrs. Baur: ...Go forth and Screw.
Me: *'waking up'* Ween, what did she said?
Weena: That she's NOT telling us to go forth and screw.
Me: Nu uh she said TO go forth, stop lying.
Pepper: Horny all the time ain't cha?
Me: Only 23 hours of the day ok.

[.After First Hour in the Senior Hall.]
Jonathan: So, learn anything exciting?
Me: We got an assignemnt... to 'go forth and screw.' Wanna help?
Jonathan: *studdering*
Me: *laughing hysterically*

[.Second Hour.]
Melanie: She's so freaking cute!
Teddie Bear Teach: Excuse me? *he sounded like he couldn't hear*
Teddie Bear Teach: Oh Jesus.
Me: You're welcome!

[.Third Hour.]
Senora Oeste': Oh! Es Senorita Josefina!
Me: Oh! Es uh...YOU!

[.Fourth Hour.]
Coach P: Ok, put your left hand on your head and your right hand to the side... and cock your brain.
Ben: You said a bad word.
Me and Kim: Um Mum Mum Mum Mummmmmmmm!
Jaramia: Can we bah like sheep again?
Coach P: I thought y'all were Sophmores.
Me: Words written on paper can be verrrrry trickie Coach P.
Coach P: Obviously.

((After him picking me up by the armpits))
Me: I think you broke my arm pits, J.
Jonathan: Ah, you don't need them anyway.
Derrik: All they do is stink.
Me: My armpits do not stink!
Derrik: Suuuuuure Bit.

[.Fifth Hour.]
Mrs. Jones: We'll be taking a trip into the writings of Shakesphere this year.
Me: *raising hand*
Mrs. Jones: Yes, Miss Hutchings?
Me: I get car sick easily!

[.Sixth Hour.]
Me: Mr. B, I can't really see from back here. *I'm blind, sue me.*
Mr. B: Oh Oh... Hasse's girl would like to speak.
Me: *bright red I'm sure* No. . .
Mr. B: It's okay Bun, you can let your secret out. We won't tell.
Me: Bun?
Mr. B: Yeah, you know... you're Wenier's best friend and Buns go with Weniers.

[.Seventh Hour.]
Casey: HodgePodge... er, I mean... Mr. Hodges, Tracey and I are band nerd alumni.
Me: Yeah, HodgePodge... we'll be in big trouble if we don't go.
HodgePodge: Ladies your names aren't on the list...
Me: *sighing* Hodge, Hodge, Hodge... Mrs. J will eat us alive if you don't allow us to leave... then she'll come for you.
Casey: And the woman can sure eat alot.
HodgePodge: Okay... Go...
Casey and Me: THANKS! *innocent smiles*
((Note: Band Nerd Alumni wasn't really supposed to leave if you didn't catch that...))

^ Case you didn't notice... Casey and me are friends now... we figured with both of us having such madd skills (even though mine are kinda unworkable for school sports anways) and both being so damn cute... we could do a lot more damage together then apart. And I think most would agree we do....'speccially ol' Hodge Podge.

172 School Days left... which means 172 School Days 'Til I Can Date although we may be terminating that 'rule'.

So, with Casey no longer an 'enemy' and Brook thinking she's my bestest friend -- All is kewl in TraceyLand as far as girls go. So far I've yet to piss any guys off... course the big babies of the class of 2001 are gone so maybe this year will be kewler eh?

1st Hour - YAY.
2nd Hour - Amusing.
3rd Hour - Pure hell. Forgien Country ok.
4th Hour - Funnie as hell. Fave class. <3
Lunch - ROX OK. I hate it, but I like getting to see my friends that I never get to see otherwise. *sigh huff*
5th Hour - Hell again. Woopa Daisie.
6th Hour - I don't really like my teacher... but ish kewl. Easie Class.
7th Hour - Omg it kills me. HodegPodge. Lmao.

I miss the Seniors from last year... seeing them in the Senior Hall and talkin to them and all... and Jonathan's class is doing a suckie job keeping up with them. *pout*

I *sob* Don't want graduation for them to come though. *breaths* OK I'm out. I'll write more when I get the chance. latah.
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