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. . .rEALLY aND tRUELY. . .

Nick kinda upsetted me. I don't know what's up with him. =/ He just started goin' off on how I 'fall in love too much with the wrong people'. Wtf? I've not once told anyone here I loved them in the relationship sense... Drew's been the only one that I've felt something that strong for 'n I like saying that. And the wrong people? What's THAT all about? Man. =( I lub Nick he's been so awesome lately... but I don't need that shit and espessially not from him. His brother said he knew what it was all about, but couldn't tell me... great. Whatever. Not gunna let this piss me off, but geezuhz. Nick I <3 u. ='(

Billy called me. He said Jonathan asked him to call cuz he's been bizzie with work and practice and a family situation. Uhm, ok. =/ It was nice of him to think about having someone contact me... I guess. Anyway, Billy talked to me for awhile before I started to bore him with my long lulls of silence. I'm sick of the phone and sick of it always being the wrong people calling or me not being able to call the right people. Billy I � U even if you boink my head on the ceiling lol.

Mike came over this morning. *big smile* I've missed him so damn much 'n I didn't realize it til today. Just chillin there, talkin bout shit n laffin was just like wow. Things won't ever be like they used to be... but we're doin so good.

Jimmy cracks me up. This afternoon I said something about me driving and he goes OMG YOU DRIVE NOW OMG I FORGOT. I was like Omg Common Sense Tingling eh? He's back in Arizona until Thanksgiving. Woopie!

Garrette left at 6 pM on his flight back to SC. Wah-oOo!

So. All is fairly well in the world of Tracey. I'm waiting for Jamie and / or Drew to get on. La La La.

JARAMIA WAS A BULL FROG! <~ You happie now Jaramamamamia? lol =P

Omfg My like distant distant cousin fucking got into UNC I about cried. *I'M* supposed to be the pride of this damn family. *twitches uncontrolubly* She's a bitch too, I wouldn't say that about family normally but she's screwed over my family so many times and only comes around when her selfish ass wants something.

My cousin, Michelle, who's in her 5th year at MU came over today. We chilled. UH. lol

What? Diet and Work out starts tommorrow? What? Oy. I called Casey a lil bit ago 'n let her know I wouldn't be able to lift in the morning... my right wrist is a lil bit fucked... like bruised. So, I guess I won't be lifting or fucking shooting for a lil bit...gawd. =*( I can still run my lil ass off though. Crunches too. Fun Times Eh?

My boob hurts. Badly. Oy. =(

Brady told me I was a wigga today when I was over at Nick's cuz I drove up with Snoop Dog playin lol. He was like Muh Gawd you usta be all NSYNC AHH now you're all yo imma wigga uh uh check one two. I was like, Uhm, yeeeah. Yeah I don't think he's high half the damn time...ha..ha..

I'm goin to see 'O' Friday. Josh fuckin Harnette MmMmMmMmMmMmMmMmMmMmMmMmMm. Man the boy wants me and you know it. lol

Montgomery Alabama, 1st or 2nd week of June 2002. I asked my Dad if I could take a few friends with me and us get a hotel room instead of staying at Ashley N's house where my parents will stay... he was like Uhm, We'll see. That means Yes. I don't know if I'll go though. It'll be like almost right after I get out of school AND after graduation AND like three weeks before *swallow* Europe. Jonathan and Derrik are talking about plannin a trip to Cancun one of those weeks, too and J said I *HAD* to go. Casey said the same thing, cuz she wants to room with me cuz I 'don't have a stick up my ass'. *shrug* LONG time off, not worried.

Mean Mugs and Shoulder heh heh.

I happen to miss Tyler (Papa Bear). He has not come to see me, the big fat liar. *pouts*

I made 2 icons. They sux as compared to everyone else, but bite me.
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