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. . .bUT nOW wE'RE uP iN tHE BiG lEAGUES. . .

I wroted that last one Friday Nite k thanks.

Last nite Recap - Grant came over 'n sat as far away from me as possible to watch movies (I'm all but sure Garrette warned him not to get attatched cuz I only break <3's. I don't want Grant anyway...), Drew read my away message... called my cell... I couldn't get to it in time... so I'm suddenly a whore, wait no... a lieing whore.

He gets on-line, argues with me, leaves. Fun for all.

For once after arguing with Drew I'm not fucking crying, but I'm pissed. I was talking to Amanda 'n I told her about everything... she told me the best thing she could see to do was remember my priorities and not let this bug me, possibly delete AOL or at least stay the fuck off it. I'm thinking that's a good resolution now. As I've mentioned before, School n Basketball are my priorities now... hence why I'm not dating. I let Jonathan get to close... but he knows we ain't goin nowhere anytime soon as anything more then friends. Yet he's not dating anyone either. Probably cuz aside from me Casey is the only other girl he really can stand at our school...'n he doesn't wanna be with her anymore. *shrug* Doesn't matter. Anyway, I cannot afford to be upset and crying over things... girls are good about this no fighting thing... but guys... geezuz.

K well let's recap again, Drew is still the one that means the most but yet the one that upsets me mostest. Jonathan is growing on me, but I still don't want him 'cept for friends cuz I am so wrapped up in Drew. Grant is my friend and omg only my friend and I don't fuck him. The End.

K. College goers came back this weekend. Jimmy was the first to come see my ass. Picked me up 'n twirled me around 'n I was like Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy I jus ate stop. lol Anyway, he had pictures to show me of his new girl... She's fuckin cute as hell. He's done good. Garrette stopped by later, with Brook. LOVED to see that. So, we're kewl there. John, Ben and Jacob stopped by to say Hey... none of 'em have shaved I'm like eww. lol Sean stopped by earlier today, brought his girl by... she's alrite looking, but she's really really nice. I had to tell him the storie about what happened in Algebra on Wednesday which I forgot to put up in here so here goes...

K we all know Devon looks a lot like me... well, Mr. B didn't really know me well last year... or Devon... so anyway, she sits beside me and he comes up to her 'n is like...
Mr. B: So Darlin, how is Casa?
D: Huh?
Mr. B: You know...Casanova?
D: Uhm, No...
Mr. B: Crud, can't remember the ol' guys name... graduated... you dated him... *points at Ashley* You, your boy hung out with him a lot... both good ol' basketball players.
Ash: Sean?
Mr. B: YES! Mr Foun-tane!
D: Oh, that would be Trace you'd need to be asking...
Me: Oh my god... *slumps down in chair*
Mr. B: Op! BUN? You and Foun-tane?!
Me: I..uh, yea.
Mr. B: Well how is ol' Casanova?
Me: Dunno.
Mr. B: Oh Darlin, I know he didn't get rid of you... you didn't ditch him for ol' Red did ya?
Me: Nah.
Rusty: (Amanda's Boyfriend) NOPE! She dumped him for *flutters eyelashes n says in the gayest voice* Drew.
Me: *lays head down on desk*
Mr. B: Oh oh Bun, who's this?
Me: Drew.
Mr. B: This ain't that guy little Williams (Amanda) drug around a picture of on the last day is it?
Teresa: Yup, ol bud Drew.
Mr. B: So you had ol' Casa bite the curb for this Drew guy huh?
Me: I uh, yea...
Mr. B: Sweetie ya say uh a lot, not very sure of what ya say are ya?
Philip: She's just shy.
Mr. B: OH yes I forget your mute. So, when did Drew get out the picture and in came ol Red?
Me: Jonathan ain't in the picture...
Mr. B: Oh, so you're still stuck on ol Drew?
Me: *I'm sure I was 12903480219832 shades of red* Yea but he's moved on.
Mr. B: *throws head back and slams hand on desk* NOT STUCK ON LIL T? HOW IS THIS? *He litterally screamed this*
Randy: Mystery ain't it?
Mr. B: Someone needs to knock some sense into ol' buddy Drew. Poor Lil T.
*Bell Rings, I litterally run out*
Mr. B: Lil T you tell ol' bud Drew he needs to see what's up!

I just happened to know how the diolouge went cuz Michelle had to tape the class for fucking OGTV... she wants to use that for the Drama portion, I told her no. lol

I've aquired a name other than my normal in almost every class...
1st Hour - Crash. Basically cuz I'm always half asleep in there since it IS first hour, and I've run into my desk she calls me Crash. *shrug*
2nd Hour - Dude the Teddie Bear sux.
3rd Hour - Josefina. *shrug* Boring.
4th Hour - Lil Bit, Derrik n James always come in to give him the plays for practice that day and they always go 'Lil Biiiiiiiiiiit' and Coach P found it amusing. Hehe. Wow, I just hehed. I don't do that. Blah.
5th Hour - She has a problem, don't ask me why or how, saying Tracey so she just calls me T.
6th Hour - Lil T (Tracy Philpott is in there... she's Big T cuz she's a Senior, duh), Bun (Weniers go on Buns... we remember this), Hasse's Sidekick (Jonathan), and Bit. He picks n chooses.
7th Hour - Sprinkles. Casey is Cookie. HodgePodge is odd.

I don't mean to sound all anti christ here -- but if I here one more girl tell me that God told them that it wasn't right to have a boyfriend right now, I'm gunna scream. Alea broke up with Geoff last year because of that, Angela with Robert for that. This year Melanie dumped Ryan for that and Courtney dumped Geoff for it. I'm begining to think God just don't like Geoff. Ha-ha. No, but seriously... take the blame for yourselves geeze. It's not obvious when they get with a different guy a week later. *shrug* I think it's poopie.

*sigh* I'm gunna go drive around. =*(
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